Another Future Americana a Roma

2 Mar

Folks, I had the delightful pleasure yesterday of meeting NYC/Caribbean Ragazza. I never bring my camera to these blogger meetings, because I never know if people want their picture online or not, and I don’t want to put people on the spot… but I am happy to report that Tracie B. is braver than I am (luckily) and therefore you can see their two beautiful, smiling faces against what seems like a pull-down backdrop it’s just so purty.

I walked away from our meeting feeling completely energized and full of life. Arlene is a really positive force of nature and I have absolutely no doubt that sooner or later, her blog will be telling tales of her life in Rome. (I’m hoping she’ll dish about the Rome film scene.) 😉 Remember Arlene, we all want copies as soon as your book comes out! And thanks for the aperitivo. Next time, maybe in LA, or maybe in Rome, it’s on me!


2 Responses to “Another Future Americana a Roma”

  1. Tracie B. March 4, 2007 at 9:00 pm #

    hey shelley! i told her to tell you hi, did she? ‘cuz if she didn’t, she’s totally not my friend anymore.;)

  2. Shelley - At Home in Rome March 4, 2007 at 9:13 pm #

    Tracie, yes! She did! (Whew, another friendship brought back from the brink…) The real vergogna is that we live just a few hours apart and still haven’t met. I know, mostly my fault, shame on me for being in your area twice and not letting you know! May??

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