Holiday Light Fugliness

18 Dec

I can’t take credit for the term, that goes to my dearest pal Finny, who is now into the 2nd year running of a fugly holiday light review on her blog. If you haven’t been following the fun, then I suggest you grab a mug of eggnog and pop on over to ruthlessly ridicule some serious Clark Griswold wannabes. Nothing brings out the holiday spirit like bitterly chastising your neighbors for their over-zealous displays of Christmas cheer!

For your viewing pleasure, I have helpfully arranged some more, complete with, and I quote:
“The deer’s main food source is luminous ground squirrel droppings. And I won’t have this phenomenon of nature go unrecognized at the holidays.” See for yourself:

More Fugliness
Fugly House 2007
Fugly House 2006

I didn’t think that fugly houses existed here in Rome. Maybe namely because we just don’t have a lot of houses and/or yards here in the city, so the potential for fugliness is drastically reduced. But alas, this year my assumption was proven wrong, and on one of the most majestic houses in my neighborhood, no less. The horror.

You see, in a piazza near my house (apartment of course, although we all call them “casa”), there is a grand old building that dates, well, I don’t know exactly when it was built. I do know that it was restored in the 1200s. So that tells you something. It shows up in some watercolor paintings of my neighborhood from the mid-1800s as well. Behold:

Nevermind the arch on the right, what I’m talking about is the grand old villa on the left, as it is in the watercolor painting and as it is today. It was abandoned up until about two or three years ago, when some mega-millionaire came in and did a gorgeous restoration job and rents out apartments inside (not for holiday stays but for residents). Love this building.

So, you can imagine my shock when I was walking home the other night and spotted a circus variety of holiday lights strung haphazardly from various windows in the building. Oh, for the love!

In the 4-second video above (click through to post if you’re in a feed reader), I encourage you to note not only the blinking mess in the upper right corner balcony (which, when not defiled by said lights, looks as dignified and beautiful as something out of Romeo and Juliet), or the “I’m so artistic” Christmas tree design in the middle, but also the blue nonsense below it and the flashing madness on the left side (the front of the building as seen in the previous images).

I know, they’re just trying to spread a little Christmas cheer. Fine, fine. I don’t mean to be the Grinch here. Just doing my part to showcase that the Fugly Holiday House knows no geographical or historical boundaries.

Shall we extend Finny’s Fugly House 2007 to international proportions? Submit your photos for her perusal and sarcastic commentary.

Ho, ho, ho!


6 Responses to “Holiday Light Fugliness”

  1. Brendan December 18, 2007 at 2:03 pm #

    The worst decorations are those inflatable Santas that people in the US have on their front lawns. For some reason, they do not stay inflated, and when you drive around the neighborhood it seems as if a bunch of Santas and reindeers have been massacred on people’s front lawns. Ew!

    Here’s an example:

    Ha, and this guy has made a career out of finding ugly Christmas decorations:

    Some people have way too much time on their hands!

    (including me)

  2. nyc/caribbean ragazza December 18, 2007 at 3:53 pm #

    why?! why?! why?! And on such a historic building?

  3. Cinzia December 18, 2007 at 3:55 pm #

    I should post a photo of three “terrazzini” balconies on the front of the building I living in!!. Casa, yeaa, even if it’s a small flat. Anyway, small coloured light bulbs (lampadine?) and Babbo Natales hanging out on a small stair. Bleahhhhh

  4. finnyknits December 18, 2007 at 8:43 pm #

    Oh no! It’s infected the world over!

    Just be glad you don’t have a Wal-Mart from which overzealous blashphemers could stock up on racks and racks of lights and inflatable beings. I mean, what if someone got the bright idea to hang an inflatable santa from their balcony as an afront to those with the little stair climbing santas?

    I ask you, WHAT THEN?

    Anyhoo, I’m glad I’m not the only one having a minor issue meltdown about holiday tacky fugly. It’s really everywhere and I will not stand idly by as people admire it and pretend it’s not wrong.

    Because it is.

    And also YAY! for the international Fugly House contigent!

    P.S. I may snatch some of these photos.

  5. Francesca January 1, 2008 at 11:34 pm #

    I have to tell you, seeing that it was pretty much the only bldg in the neighborhood with decorations (above & beyond the peewee santas looking as if they’re going to creep in and steal your jewelry), I rather liked the decorations! Especially the fringe. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  6. Kaylee February 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

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