Knitting in Rome – Fare la Maglia a Roma

27 May

Hark! I triumphantly announce the second coming of the fabled “Stitch n’ Bitch” to Rome! And since nothing in this world is official until it has its own Facebook page, here you go. Take it! Live it! Like it!

Some of you diehards out there might remember the first incarnation of this mythical group of knitting lovelies.

I am ready to spearhead another venture into public displays of knitting in Rome. Have no fear, knitters one and all! I will lead us into shameless exhibitions of purling in the piazzas, knit one/slip ones and even perhaps some fair isle showing off… all between sips, of course!

And for our first meeting, we are blessed to have World Wide Knit in Public Day landing in Rome on Saturday, June 18! Hosted by none other than the fabulous Pippicalzelunghe (that’s Pippi Longstocking to you!) of Maglia e Rimaglia, who have their own S ‘n B on Saturdays. Love! That will give me some time to round up a few hapless victims merry participants.

If you or anyone you know or love might be interested in joining for drinks, knitting, and general banter, do tell. I’m debating whether to make our regular meeting during the week (evening/after work) or on the weekend (Sunday/brunch?) And where exactly? Hmmmm. Suggestions welcome.

Oooh! Oooh! Wanna see my first project in like four years? (That whole motherhood thing got in the way for a while.) I was in PDX a couple weekends back and through a dear friend (who I met actually through this blog back in 2006) I stumbled upon Twisted. Um, love! Fingerless (except for thumb?) gloves?

Love, love! And super softy purply yarn (Malabrigo Silky Merino?) Yes, please!

Yep, folks, that’s right. I am rocking the 5-needle thing. Before I get to sounding too nerdy though, just find me some other knitters to drink with. TY.

Donne, donne, donne! E’ arrivato! Non l’arrotino. Per carita’! No, no! E’ arrivato ufficialmente a Roma, per la seconda volta (vedi primo attentato) Stitch n’ Bitch! Cioe’ per noi donne giovani (o anziane, o uomini, va bene uguale) a cui piace fare la maglia in pubblico mentre cerchiamo di ubriacarci e non fare errori del tipo fare una manica in piu’.

Personalmente sto lavorando dei guanti senza dita (tranne il pollice, che c’e’, e quindi non ho ancora capito molto bene come mai si chiamano guanti senza dita quando il pollice e’ un dito, ma cmq lasciamo perdere perche’ sono fichissimi) percio’ non c’e’ spazio per tantissimi errori, senza quattro dita per sbagliare. Insomma. L’importante e’ che, se tu sei una donna giovane (o anziana, o uomo, ecc.) e soprattutto con delle palle grosse dei gomitoli grossi, cosi grossi che non ti vergogni di esibirti in pubblico con i tuoi ferri e un bel bicchiere di qualsiasi bibita adulta, allora, noi ti vogliamo, molto molto bene!

Primo incontro e’ stato destinato per il “Giorno Mondiale della Maglia in Pubblico” ovvero “World Wide Knit in Public Day” che a Roma si terra’ a Villa Pamphili il 18 giugno, ospitata da Pippicalzelunghe di Maglia e Rimaglia. Per quanto riguarda il nostro incontro normale, sono ancora indecisa se farlo durante la settimana o tipo una domenica pomeriggio. Boh. Vediamo. Faccio un incontro segreto con la mia compagna di maglia e vi faro’ sapere.

Dovete esservi! Andate, andate a prendere un bel progetto estivo e noi vi aspettiamo con ansia!

15,00 a Villa Pamphili (nei pressi del Vivi Bistrot, entrata Via Vitellia 102)


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  1. Micheline June 4, 2011 at 2:59 am #

    My name is Micheline. I’m living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I’m going to Roma in august. I’m a knitter and I would like to find and buy italian yarns. Can you help me find a store ? I will stay at Domus Romana. I looked at your other blog site and I found Lana Gatto. Is it still a good place ?. Thank you !
    PS Sorry for my English. I speak french.

  2. ellen June 6, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    where will the meetings be held? i’m new to rome, and i’d an avid crochet’er,(i’m working on a blanket for my professor’s new baby boy) but i would like to hone in on my knitting skills. i can only knit squares. please let me know, i’m really interested.


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