Soccer in Rome – Futbol League Teleroma 56

19 Jun

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Oh man, my friends. File this one away in the “what the heck are they doing here?” category. I found these videos with a mixture of total, complete, child-like wonder and amusement, and then literally had to laugh out loud. Not a “making fun” laugh, though, mind you. This is not for public mockery. No! I am talking about a laugh of sheer delight. Where else but Rome would you find such a thing?

This is taken from one of our local Rome TV channels. Very local. So local, in fact, that they dedicate airtime to a soccer championship in which grown men in suits use their hands to flick the miniature soccer ball on the miniature soccer field with miniature soccer men, based on real teams and real players. There are rules that must be respected and adhered to. This is serious stuff, people.

Wow. Just—wow.

Listen attentively as the list of players is read. Gaze in fascination at the pre-match handshake. At the nerve-wracking coin toss (testa o croce?). At the full field camera view in preparation for the whistle to start the game.

I am dying for your comments on this. As I post it, there were 47 views. (Yes, there are 46 other people out there who are as weird as I am. This is somehow strangely comforting. I hope to meet them someday.)

Amici, godetevi questo spettacolo che ho trovato su Internet. Questo campionato mi ha dato un senso di gioia, nel sapere che in questo mondo ci sono uomini che si vestono elegante e vanno a giocare in TV una partita finta con dei giocatori in miniatura, utilizzando le dita per muovere o gli uomini o la palla, non ho capito bene esattamente, in un balletto strano con delle regole completamente sconosciute a me. Quando parlo del mio amore per la cultura romana, parlo di queste cose qui.

Da quando l’ho trovato, il filmetto e’ stato visto ben 47 volte. (Che vuol dire che 46 altre persone in questo mondo sono strane quanto me. Questo mi da’ una specie di rassicurazione. Spero di incontrarle un giorno.)

Non posso dire altro che: TeleRoma 56, ti voglio molto molto bene. Ma scusa, fate delle partite pure fra le donne, no?


3 Responses to “Soccer in Rome – Futbol League Teleroma 56”

  1. anna l'americana June 19, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Comment? Oh, hell no, I’m just going to steal it. Well….OK, just this: That’e the funniest thing I’ve seen in…..memory. The play-by-play is hysterical. If you didn’t have video you’d think it was a…er….REAL (sorry Federation of Grown Men in Suits Playing Tiddly-Winks Soccer – don’t mean to impugn) game!

  2. Un'americana a Roma June 19, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Are you totally loving the canned fan noise that they piped in too? I didn’t even pick up on that until like the 3rd viewing. I didn’t watch the whole thing, I have watched like the first 30 seconds a few times though. That’s enough for me to get the gist.

  3. onlyinmaine June 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Well the fan noise is what lends the realism to the play by play. Without it there’s no….drama….. And “gist?” No. I think you may have to watch more to really feel the gravitas…..

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