Fashion “Don’ts” in Rome – La Moda a Roma

20 Jun

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Don’t get me wrong. I know next to nothing about fashion. I shop at Old Navy, Payless, and Target for my clothes and shoes. So it’s not like I have a clue when it comes to clothes. I just like to make fun of things that look stupid though. So there you go.

For example, what the heck about gold velour hot pants? Really, folks? Nice.


Props for having the guts to go out in public, in broad daylight. Via del Corso baby. Work it!

Meanwhile, who has the wherewithal (ooh, that’s fun to say) to produce a raincoat fashioned out of trash bag, on demand? This deserves my utmost respect and admiration.


Q: “Does this trash bag with a hood make me look fat?”
A: “No. Just completely ridiculous.”


And, credit to my BFF on our vacation in Rome last March for spotting this choice piece of attire. (Credit to me for being the jerk that takes a picture of it.)


I know, I am a total dork. I realize this. But something about going around in a jacket with golden letters proclaiming “OFFICIAL 621A62-A” — well, it boggles the mind. Is it a prison number? Is there an “unofficial” version of the jacket? And what, exactly, is one entitled too once one is “official” and has such an official-sounding number? And why 621A62-A? Why not 438B32-B?

Ok, enough. Thank you once again for humoring me. Until tomorrow. Or, until I see something else ridiculous and manage to take a semi-covert photo of it. Which might possibly be before tomorrow. One never knows.

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Non fraintendiamo. Io non capisco niente della moda. Compro i miei vestiti da posti non molto trendy, le mie scarpe sono usa e getta. Insomma. Non e’ che ho la capacita’ di giudicare le tendenze. Ma, ho sicuramente la capacita’ di prendere in giro le persone che mettono cose che io, anche nella mia ignoranza totale della moda, trovo ridicole. Percio’, andiamo.

Per esempio, vogliamo parlare dei pantaloni dorati di velluto? Onestamente? Simpaticissimi.


Una scelta corraggiosa. Complimenti alla donna che ha avuto questo corraggio di uscire in pubblico, nella luce del giorno, con questi pantaloni adosso. Via del Corso. Evvai!

Frattempo, inizia a piovere e voglio salutare la donna che ha avuto l’occhio lungo a portarsi appresso un sacco dell’immondizia per coprirsi. Non sapevo che vendevano sacchi per la spazzatura con cappelli. Modello speciale (condominiale?). Questa donna merita tutta la mia stima e ammirazione.


Domanda: “Ma questo sacco mi fa sembrare grassa?”
Risposta: “No, cara. Solamente ridicola.”


Poi, complimenti alla mia migliore amica per aver visto questa giacca favolosa sull’autobus a marzo. (Complimentissimi a me per essere stata la st#$*# che l’ha fotografata.)


Lo so, lo so. La vera ridicola sono io. Ma dai, pero’. Qualcosa di una giacca in cui c’e’ scritto “UFFICIALE 621A62 – A” — mi fa girare la testa. E’ un numero da prigioniero? C’e’ una versione “NON UFFICIALE” della giacca? E poi, dopo di essere stato battezzato “UFFICIALE” e dopo di aver preso una giacca cosi’ “UFFICIALE,” voglio dire, quali sono i benefici? E poi, questo numero? Perche’ 621A62 – A? E non 438B32 – B invece?

Va bene, basta. Grazie ancora per la vostra comprensione. A domani. O, a quando non vedo qualcos’altro di tanto divertente a cui riesco a fare la foto semi-nascosta. Che potrebbe essere anche prima di domani. Non si sa mai.


4 Responses to “Fashion “Don’ts” in Rome – La Moda a Roma”

  1. reingarddesign June 20, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    Wow, I want those pants!
    I could pair them with a trash bag jacket… They come in so fashionable colors now!

    By the way, when I was a child I used to make clothes for my Barbie out of black trash bags.
    I invented stories about how she was the poor, neglected sister/princess/whatever and how she had to go around dressed in trash bags.
    No wonder I had no friends to play with…

  2. Amanda June 20, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    I have to laugh… While I was in Italy this weekend (Venice, Florence & Bologna) – I saw NUMEROUS women walking around in sequins (mostly tops). It was the middle of the day! I asked my friend if I had missed the memo that made sequins ‘daytime’ attire. She pointed out that the 80s are back… I still think that it looks silly though. There was plenty of other scary fashion too. I guess I need to start taking pictures!

  3. Un'americana a Roma June 21, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    One of the millions of reasons why I simply ADORE you, my dear. I would have been your friend if I had known you as piccole… 🙂 I love your imagination. See how big your heart was, even as a little one?

  4. Un'americana a Roma June 21, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    *full disclosure* I will make fun of gold velvet pants, but I must confess that I love me some sequins, any time of day! Wooooo!!! In fact I have a shirt on right now with sequin-like thingys. I’m big on sparkle. But that’s just me. 🙂 Although I will go with “some” sparkle. Not the full on coat of armor I’ve seen in stores lately… tops completely COVERED in gold sequins. Now, that’s a bit much. (Would go well with the pants, though!)

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