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4 Jul

I really loved this to-do notepad I saw on a desk at Vinoroma. You can get your very own here.

Busy in English is so straightforward and efficient. It’s like, “I’m busy. The end.” (Unless you sing it like Lady Gaga. That could be fun. “Because I’m kinda BIIZZZ AAAAYYY.” Yeah. Do it like that. It’s better.) But the Italian “incasinata,” that’s like, holycrapolyman I’m a total, complete busy mess! So, you know. A little more colorful and accurate.

Haven’t forgotten about you guys!

It’s just that I’m kinda BIZZZZ AAAYYY. I am working on a couple posts though. One includes a bulk detergent dispenser. That could be fun.

OMG, go. You totally know you want to. Go on. Go! I’m not going to link to it on YouTube even though it has over 114 million hits. And even though the whole dance sequence with the American flag bikinis would be so appropriate for the Fourth of July. But, I can’t be held responsible for readers who take offense, even to the “clean version.” Oops, I did it. (Again.) Bonus points to those who just now caught the thinly disguised reference to K-Fed’s ex. Weeee!

Clearly, I must now get back to being kinda BIZZZ AAAYYY. For now, sleeping. At least for six hours, hopefully. To regain some semblance of coherence. I’ll be back, however.

Sono stanca, ragazzi. Incasinata. E poi il post sopra in inglese, vedete—non ho nemmeno l’energia di tradurre la cosidetta spiritosità. Veramente tragica, lo so. Perciò vi dico solo che non vi ho dimenticati! Mi mancate anche! Ma… come dice la Gaga, fra panini e baci alla prigione delle donne trasgressive, e almeno se lo dicesse in italiano, “perchè sono un po’ in caaaassss i naaaa taaaaa.” Già. Non suona. Managgia. Aspettatemi che torno, torno! Dopo qualche ora di sonno, magari.


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  1. reingarddesign July 5, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    After many years of intense research, at risk of my own mental sanity – that is quite questionable anyway – I had to admit it: Sleep appears to be essential to life.

    Do we really, really have to spent all those precious hours sleeping instead of drawing, writing or watching useless tv shows while eating icecream leftovers?
    Sadly, yes.

    Get some sleep, girl, I wait for you for some art/baking/movie therapy sessions with lots of icecream from our favorite place: Osè! You HAVE to take a picture of it!

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