Sex and the City of Rome

26 Oct

I knew that putting “sex” in the title would get you reading. They say sex sells. It’s all a subliminal thing. Or something.

Anyways, just for those of you who were wondering if Italy really is “the land that feminism forgot” (so quoted The Economist some years ago, and I truly love the quote), I am here to tell you:

yes, it is.

But, sometimes there are brief, (very brief indeed), rays of hope, that not all is veline and culi. Sometimes there are also piselli. Yes, folks, that is peas.

2011-09-26 10.55.48

For the love, people!

Aren’t there laws against public indecency that should prevent ads like this from being on any old street corner? What if my *gasp* kids see it?

It will set up all kinds of expectations for both my little boy, and my girls! Nooo! I see years of therapy ahead!


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