Trony Wreaks Havoc in Rome

28 Oct


Yesterday a 5,000 sq. meter electronics super store opened in downtown Rome, at Ponte Milvio.
People started lining up the night before. They were giving away 100 iPhones or something.
Point being, starting at 7 am the next morning, the entire northeast quadrant of Rome was in straight-up gridlock. Over 25,000 people converged on Trony, the new mega store.
One man missed his wife’s graduation and plans to sue the City of Rome.
The mayor’s official response? An apology. Then something along the lines of…the real problem is, we probably should open shopping centers in the peripheric areas, not downtown.
This store was approved in 2008 and now apparently there’s a new regulation against building mega stores downtown.
His second response? The store didn’t send any official notifications to the City of Rome to tell us they were having their grand opening.
Really, Mayor Alemanno? Are you serious?? Get out of your ivory tower much? Because we the plebes have been assaulted with these billboards for weeks. Dai!!!


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