Passione per la Patata

10 Nov

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Voglio stringere la mano al genio pubblicitario che ha ideato questo slogan.

Quasi al livello di Rocco in questa pubblicità di anni fa (“A chi piace la patata.”)

Qui a Roma non ci stanchiamo mai di giocare con i doppi sensi più scontati. “Passion for the potato” non suona così in inglese, ragazzi. Diciamoci la verità: l’italiano ha una marcia in più.

For my English-only readers with the question mark on their face, all I really need to say is that “patata” in Italian, while meaning potato, is also slang for a part of the female anatomy. And since we who speak Romanized Italian all act like we’re about 12 years old in our first sex-ed class, we get a big ol’ kick out of the hee-hee factor of this. Banal object=doubles for anything to do with sex? Yep, Romans eat that up. Why else would a broom double for a very non-scientific way of describing the act of “making love”? Careful if you try to say in Italian you’re going to sweep. It’s pretty high on the middle school tee-hee meter, especially with 20-30 something Italian men and naive American girls just learning the language. Ditto on that card game by the same blessed name. Anyhoo, that You Tube video? Like a junior high tee-hee fiesta of fun (thanks for that term Finny, like 15 years ago and still going strong), it’s a famous Italian porno star talking about how many different kinds of “potatoes” he’s tried, and in the end he’s, well, you know, just trying to sell potato chips. Give the poor guy a break!


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  1. alessandro May 3, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    hahahaha Fantastica sei bravissima e simpaticissima

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