Burger Rex, or, JC Havin’ It His Way

15 Feb

I don’t know why I find these things amusing, but I do, so there you go.

There’s a big, I mean huge, shopping mall not far from where I live, and leave it to my son to yell out as we approach: “Hey mom! There’s a Burger King!” Well, that’s novelty as far as I’m concerned. Let’s hit it.

As we walk in I get a chuckle out of the “King Drive.” Let’s call them “king drives” in the States instead of drive throughs. It makes it all so much more, well, regal, no?

2012-02-09 19.23.44

There were carefully placed paper crowns adorning the entire restaurant, every table, everywhere. This Burger King was so spotless you could practically eat off the floor. Not that I would, of course. I mean, not that I would after the obligatory 10-second rule. Those first 10 are probably about as healthy as the amount of germs I normally inhale living in a home with a four year old and two toddlers who all go to nursery school, therefore I say: why waste a perfectly good fry or two?

Here is the reluctant prince: look how forlorn! (Yes, I just used forlorn in a sentence. I’m that good.)

2012-02-09 19.31.31

But he was damn happy when we got a plastic whale with BK stickers that we could “brand” it with. Nice. I give you, the Burger King whale:

2012-02-09 19.46.15

Vince took this picture of me as I helped him hold my cell phone camera. I am rocking that paper crown, or maybe not.

2012-02-09 19.47.23

But truly, the height of my BK in Rome experience of course was the ol’ Ceez himself, all decked out with his BK sippy cup.

Oh, good citizens of Rome, have it your way!

2012-02-09 19.29.47


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  1. Francesca Maggi February 15, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    But….do they know that most of the ancient Kings of Rome were assassinated?

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