Italian Musical Pillow

17 Feb

And now, in the big eye roll category, I give you:

“Guanciale Demasonic” : The Demasonic Pillow

2012-02-17 10.00.49

Just proves that the acronym WTF has more uses than I ever could have imagined!

Because, are you kidding me?

Tagline: “The musical pillow for your free time.”

This, apparently, is for people who don’t realize that you can put earbuds in your ears AND put your head on your pillow at the same time?


But wait, there’s more! As there always is!

What would be the logical way to take this invention just ONE STEP FURTHER?

By all means, click here.

That’s right, folks. The iPod pillow. Unauthorized and ready for your free time.

Oh, BTW? Don’t mind me mocking this stuff. I’m just a lowly plebe. Seems the celebs in the UK love the “Soundasleep Speaker Pillow.

Sweet dreams, or as we say around here, sogni d’oro!

2012-02-17 10.00.41

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