China Meets Rome

21 Mar

In a spectacular cross-cultural phenomenon, most—if not all—of the “5 and dime” stores in Rome called casalinghi that sell just about everything but the kitchen sink (and probably that as well), are owned by Chinese immigrants. That means there’s just a whole lot of “Made in China” goodness, which personally, I never seem to tire of.

That’s why I feel compelled to share the love with you today. I went to the shop by my house for a toilet seat. Get this: you see, I broke it while sitting on the top while my kids were having a bath, and then when my housemate and I were looking for one of the pieces to put it back together, I noticed that my son didn’t flush the toilet, so I flush it, and at that exact moment my housemate jumps up going “I found it!” and then somehow it flew out of her hand and swirled down the massively powerful Italian flush machine. (Seriously, if you’ve never experienced an Italian flush produced by one of those silver buttons that you have to slam your hand down on like 5 times hard to get it to go, you honestly have never seen a REAL toilet flush before.) So then we had our Dumb & Dumber moment: “Do I stick my hand into the flushing toilet to search for it? Or not?!” Well, being Dumb and Dumber, we both tried, laughing our heads off, and neither of us succeeded.

Which brings me to my toilet seat shopping story.

Anyhoo, I found my toilet seat. That’s not really the point of this post. The point is: if you ever need an eyelash curler in Rome, I know where you should go.

And I’m not talking eyelash curler like that silver torture-looking device that most women (myself included) use.


No, siree!

I’m talking about the sophisticated (and fuschia-colored) “Made in China” version known as the MICRO touch that apparently actually HEATS up with simple magic produced by one double-A battery.

Heat and my eyelashes? Oh honey, not gonna happen. You have no idea how clumsy I am. Unless you know the real story of how I got a black eye for two weeks and nine stitches around my right eye.

But you might want to try:

2012-03-21 14.56.02

And, nota bene, this little bugger now has “50% MORE POWER” and “Now with Built-In Light!”

You know, just in case you were wondering. You’re welcome.

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