Caught My Eye

11 Nov

A few things that captured my attention last week here in the Eternal City:


Really like these espresso cups and the whole Illy live happilly campaign. Don’t tell the folks at the Illy bar at Eataly where I got this caffè macchiato, but I shamelessly swiped like 8 different packets of sugar from their big sugar packet fishbowl, just because they were so cool. Each one had a different verb in a different color on the non-logo side, like the ones shown in the image below. The packets are now going to a special someone of mine who lives in Amsterdam (who just *might* be reading this post).

I had a fabulous day on Friday as I had the “tough” work assignment of attending the new Caput Mundi exhibit at the Colosseum. It was really interesting and my post about it will soon appear over here. Although I didn’t venture much into viewing the Colosseo itself, because I’ve been there/done that, I did have to snap a shot of this on the way out. Only in Rome. (And oh, by the way? Please don’t tell the people who put that sign there that every tourist and his mom was sitting on top of the broken columns, taking pictures as if they were sphinx (sphinxes?) in ancient Egypt, or a statue. I guess it’s the Rome equivalent of holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. Or something.)


And, in other news… a priest-like mystery. But before I get to that, it occurs to me to mention to my dear readers that the calendar that sparked so much interest when I first wrote about it back in 2006 (better known as Priest of the Month) is still to be had everywhere in downtown Rome, with the EXACT SAME COVER. Hello, marketing geniuses?! Could you not be bothered to update with newer, hotter priests?

But I digress.

Can any of my astute readers delineate what on God’s (no pun intended) Earth this sticker is supposed to be telling me? It was stuck on the turnstile at the Colosseum metro stop exit. I’m like, is that Dan Ackroyd?


A cursory Google search didn’t turn up much. Unless you count this website, Why Not Priest, as something. (And let me tell you, that prominent “Want an Answer? Ask a Question” box is waaaay too tempting for a demented and sarcastic mind like that possessed by yours truly…)

Then I remembered that I had once heard about a mysterious thing-a-ma-bob that Google was supposed to have, a sort of “reverse” image search, where you could put in your image, and Google would tell you WTF you were looking at. Nifty, right?

Well, Google, holy effing crapoly, man. What kind of unbelievably big-brotherish algorithm did you invent to do THIS?

THAT’S not Dan Akroyd, people! That there’s JIM JONES!

Now, the whole philosophical/existential meaning behind the “WHY NOT?” is still beyond the scope of any Google search, reverse or forward, it seems.

And you know that now there’s absolutely NO WAY IN HELL (wow, puns are piling up all over the place!) you’re getting away from reading this post without a cleverly injected Kool-Aid reference, right?

Don’t drink it, people.

P.S. In my defense, Dan Ackroyd DID wear sunglasses in The Blues Brothers. Please see Exhibit A below:

Granted, he isn’t wearing a priest’s collar, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

And he DID star in a really crappy-ass TV show called “Soul Man” back in 1996 in which he was a priest, or a preacher, or something. (Don’t ask me how I know this.) Which may or may not have been a really tacky play on words based on his performances of the famous “Soul Man” Blues Brothers song.

OK. You are now free to go about doing something more productive. xoxo

Unless you really don’t want to. In which case maybe YOU will have the honor of being the 2,000th person to view Episode #8 “Public Embarrassment and Todd’s First Sermon,” oh-so-usefully occupying space on the Internets thanks to faithful (pun #3, yes I’m counting) YouTube user “JesusIsLordForever.”

Why, yes. Yes, He is.

(Priest collar appears at 7:01 or thereabouts. And yes, that does appear to be the kid from Home Improvement. Wow. I am raising the bar on useless trivia tonight, folks! Where’s my damn gold star?!)


6 Responses to “Caught My Eye”

  1. triciatierney November 11, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    You are hilariously irreverent. Glad to have discovered your blog. (freshly pressed discovery) Love this.

  2. Gil November 11, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    Thanks! Another great post, I loved it…

  3. theultimatepet November 13, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Hi… that priest looks a LOT like Jim Jones…

  4. Franco November 14, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Rome is my home city and when I’m travelling I alway try to get the espresso in partucular Illy becouse is the best quality.

  5. missbobbypins December 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    I’ve just returned from Rome and I’m searching for a answer to the mysterious ‘why not?’ Priest myself. He was everywhere in Rome!

  6. Gilla December 15, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    Forgot to add in my 1st comment that the Church has a campaign trying to recruit new Priests. The Bishop of my local Diocese has a radio ad that includes “why not”.

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