Italian Radio in Sign Language

14 Apr


You know, people dog so hard on poor ol’ Italy. No jobs for people, esp. young people. Corruption, bureaucracy, blah blah blah blah infinite blah.

I’m no exception, although I try to keep my laments as lighthearted and fun-poking as possible, because I chose to live here and I love my adopted city with all my heart.

Well folks, look. I’m here to share (via this week’s Vanity Fair) some nice news about a group of 20-30 somethings here in Rome doing something really cool.

Radio Kaos Italy is a Roman radio station on the Internet that was founded two years ago with the aim of providing music to the deaf through Italian sign language (in Italian “Lis” lingua dei segni italiana).
On their website you can see videos of songs dubbed into Italian sign language.

They’re seeking official recognition of Lis from the Italian government, through an appeal launched on The Vanity Fair article notes that international sign language is already recognized by 44 countries including Iran and China.

I found it totally eye-opening (although I shouldn’t have, but I did) to read the quote in the article from the group’s appeal to the State, where they mention how they can’t communicate with doctors when they go to the hospital.

Little huge things we take for granted.

The Vanity Fair article has sparked some action already. The President of the Senate, Piero Grasso, wrote a letter to Vanity Fair saying that he’s going to propose a law to make Lis an officially recognized language. In this link on the Vanity Fair site, there’s even a video with a mini-lesson in Lis.

On the Radio Kaos Italy website they have a news item about their subsequent visit to the Italian Senate.

The group has a petition on which sparked the action in the Senate. As of now they’re still just over 21,000 signatures away from their goal. You can sign from anywhere in the world, so in one click you can help them reach their goal!

DJ Drastiko from Radio Kaos Italy during the visit to the Senate regarding their petition to make Lis an officially recognized language.


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  1. Catherine April 14, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    Very cooool!

  2. rosannsjourneys April 14, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Amazing stuff. I work at an advocacy group for the Deaf in Florida. I don’t even know if we have something like this here. Good stuff.

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