God Bless This Italian Priest

16 Jul

No, seriously. This is good times, people. I was tipped off to this little gem by a friend on Facebook.

Before I give you the priest, however, I have to say that it took me back. Waaaay back, back to 2007, back to No Dignity Left on Italian Television.

Which frankly begs the question: was there ever?

If you’ve been with me since that post, then, may God bless you and keep you.

If you never did see the loss of dignity to which I refer above, and if you’re feeling too damn lazy to click on my former post to get your background research completed, might I at least persuade you to simply click here? I assure you it’s well worth your time. Watching grown adults dressed up as vegetables prancing around to synthesizer music is always a gold-medal winner, no matter which way you slice it. (You like that? It was kind of a bonus pun just for those of you crazy astute enough to think like I do.)

So now, without further ado, now that you have one more of those mind-numbing songs you can’t get out of your head (I had always held out hope that Maxim was good for something other than lining a cat litter box; in fact I taught my 5 year old son #20 from that list a long time ago when it was stuck in my head), here’s the fiesta of fun that was someone’s wedding, with this kick-ass discofied (not a real word) priest.

Don’t ever let it be said that Catholics don’t know how to cut a rug. The man is cutting, and then some. That hand action + jump move at 1:01? I’m fairly certain that was an attempt to raise the proverbial roof off that house of God.

Father, you’re what we like to call off the hook!


5 Responses to “God Bless This Italian Priest”

  1. JoAnn July 16, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    The next wedding I attend at church is going to seem mighty boring after seeing this!

  2. melissa muldoon (@italiamelissa) July 16, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    That priest is definitely off the hook and rocking the house! Now regarding all those dancing veggies and parmesan wedges you mentioned previously in the Italian ad…have you been gone from the U.S. so long that you forget that over here we also have the dubious pleasure of viewing ads with dancing fruits…have you forgotten the fruit of the loom underwear guys dressed up as apples, bananas and grapes…UGUALE! It seems there is no dignity in any “cheesy” television ad (see what I did there), no matter which country it comes from!

  3. mbrovelli July 17, 2013 at 4:57 am #

    I’m still wondering…who DID let the dogs out?

  4. laurago12 July 17, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    haha this is hilariuos, I wish I had witnessed it! At least he’s funny priest, not one of those boring ones always attached to the rules

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