Enrique Enriquez Talks About Linguistick

14 Sep

You may or may not know this, but I actually have two other blogs. One is a wordplay blog that I call my “word lab,” where I experiment with words, and that one, although public, is more of a virtual notebook and as such, I don’t really publicize it. The other is a blog about storytelling with the optical language represented in the art on tarot cards.

Normally I don’t do cross-over with my blogs, but this particular post from my tarot blog is just so special that I really wanted to share it with my Rome readers as well, especially as it regards language and the mechanics of learning a language, hearing a foreign language, and the way we use language in our lives.

Enrique Enriquez is a poet who works with the Tarot de Marseille, using the language of the birds and ‘pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions, to derive narratives and meaning from the images. He just released a new book, a collection of his weekly wordplay “tongue exercises,” and I had the very wonderful pleasure of chatting with him yesterday.

I hope you’ll listen in on our conversation below, and then, if it inspires you to discover the joy of wordplay, I can’t recommend highly enough EE’s books: any of them, all of them! (En)JOY!

I’m so happy to share with you the absolutely delightful Enrique Enriquez in an interview/chat we had on Skype yesterday. Enrique has just released his latest book with EyeCorner Press, Linguistick, and I wanted to take this opportunity to chat with him about the poetics of tarot and about the wordplay “tongue exercises” that make up this new collection.

(Note: At around 11:25 the screen froze–super big fat boo!!–but please hang in there because the audio continues, and the screen comes back at the question after, and we get to have a fun chat about the wordplay tongue exercise that I’ve included in this post, below the video screen…so that you can become enchanted and discover its beauty together with me as Enrique “unpacks” it and shares some of his secrets with us.)

Enrique has been and continues to be a very important professional influence for me and a mentor whom I care for and respect a great deal. I hope you enjoy this conversation–I certainly did!

[el beso: VI] by Enrique Enriquez, sent out on the weekly wordplay list on Sept. 11, 2013

[el beso: VI] by Enrique Enriquez, sent out on the weekly wordplay list on Sept. 11, 2013

To learn more about Enrique’s books or to purchase, visit his Amazon author page here.

To sign up for Enrique’s weekly wordplay list, send an email to: enrique (dot) eenriquez (at) gmail (dot) com, explaining which is the fastest letter in the alphabet, and why.

To explore some of Enrique’s writing about the Tarot de Marseille and wordplay:

Embodied Tarot. When Medieval Draftsmanship Mirrors Cognitive Science

Notes on the Use of Indirect Suggestion in Tarot Readings

Whispering to the Eye

The Joy of Wordplay

Peeking Through the Bars of Tarot’s Occult Prison

The Excellence of the Marseille Tarot

As well as some other sources of his storytelling and experiences:

Enrique Enriquez, a Portrait and a Story, by Fabrizio Chiesa

Brief Interview with Time Out New York

Enrique also starred in the world’s first feature-length documentary about the Tarot de Marseille, Tarology. It can be purchased in DVD format here, or you can watch it instantly for just $1.99 through Amazon Instant Video by clicking here.

“You can only find what you are not looking for if you take a detour.” -EE

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