It’s the Most Jesusful Time of the Year

3 Dec

Honestly, people. Maybe it has something to do with living next door to the pope, but I tell you what: ol’ man Gesù is all over the place lately. Or maybe it’s a sign from the heavens, just for me. Either way, I’m here to wish you a very Jesus Christmas.

In my neighborhood we have the Jesus Smart car.

Or rather, I should say, THE GOOD NEWS:


What is the good news, you ask? WITH JESUS YOU’RE … UNSTOPPABLE.


(or any of the other synonyms that you prefer for insuperable, which as far as I recall, not many people actually say in English. Personally I’m a bit partial to bulletproof, a sort of Kevlar-lined … wait, pun alert. That would be unholy. Get it? Un? Holy? Bulletproof?

But I digress.

Religious comic books are all the rage lately.

Witness: The Life of Jesus comic book for just €2.99.


Sixteen laminated tear-proof sheets, plus a bonus Pope Francis medallion! At your local newsstand you’ll find a handy three-ring binder to collect every sheet in the series.

Collect them all!


Not a big fan of Jesus? Well, how about the Bishop of Rome and leader of the worldwide Catholic church?

Yep, there’s a comic for that, too!


Includes stickers!

Pope Francis himself gives it a “like”!


Now, if I could only “friend” Papa Francesco and post things to his wall. Now that would be truly spiritual.


2 Responses to “It’s the Most Jesusful Time of the Year”

  1. Eleonora December 3, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    Everyday happier we moved 1300 km from the Vatican 😉

    Here is all about Sinterklaas, a national delirium.

    “Insuperabile” could be a pun with “nobody can pass your car on the road” (difficult to translate indeed), and also “nobody can be better than you”.

    Anyway, those cheap and badly illustrated comic books are creepy.

  2. Shelley Ruelle December 5, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    HAHAHA I’m gonna send one to my nephew!!!

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