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Elections in Rome 2013

7 Jan

You know that you’re in Rome when one of the leading campaign slogans in the upcoming elections reads thus:

2013-01-03 13.20.59

“Imagine regional government offices with competent people, not those with connections.”

Do you just love it?

I mean, ok, yes…it’s sad. But it’s sad in that sad-happy-Rome way.

The way that goes: yeah, we know that it’s all for show, and we know that everything is basically corrupt and we all know that people get their state jobs and appointments through rigged civil service exams and pay offs and other miscellaneous what-not, like, “Oh, you’re Giovanni’s 37-year-old nephew who’s never had a job and is still living at home with mom and dad, and they think it’s high time you get a job because they’ve spent the last 10 years of their lives looking for a place to “settle” you in a job?” Ask anyone about it… getting “sistemato” is the ultimate. Ask Fantozzi. Go on, ask. I’ll wait.

So, you know… “sad” in that happy/funny/youmustbejoking sort of way. (And for you astute viewers out there, why yes, yes, that big and scary semi-rotund window-filled building is in fact the Regione Lazio building. As in, the very headquarters of the regional government. You know, that one you’re supposed to be imagining. See how it all comes full circle? Bravi!)

And, best part? The whole “imagine” part. Because, folks. Let’s not kid ourselves here. What would Rome be without its share of ‘corrupt—wait, appeal—wait, corrupt—wait, no, innocent’ politicians and vulgar, but not in a vulgarly charming way, but just plain old-fashioned gross vulgar politicians? Immagina! Because you know that’s what’s coming around when you see a pig flapping its wings past your window. Or, as we say in Italian, when asses fly. Asses, as in donkeys. You know. Asini che volano. Never mind.

Oh, wait, wait! Second-best part? The part that made the marketing/advertising geniuses plaster this campaign on both sides of the street in front of and next to the below-documented imposing cement “Go Go Gadget Facist Architecture” building with the proud heading over the mammoth door which hereby proclaims:

2013-01-03 13.21.41

“Ministry of Economic Development.”