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Taste the rainbow

10 May

Inspired by “panthropologist” Moscerina, I continue my documentation of subjects in the wild.

It’s pretty easy to be stealthy in the urban jungle when you take a picture with your crappy cell phone camera like I do. I just pretend to be checking my messages while holding the phone steady like a camera. Do you think they’re catching on? I don’t. Not yet, anyways.

So check out dude in the yellow corduroys on my bus yesterday. Aw. I almost wanted to give him a big, bright, sunshine-y hug for his audacity in putting these pants on. Gotta love it. In fact I actually ended up sitting next to him on the bus, so I got to admire his heavy blue-ish tweed jacket too, in 70+ temps. God bless the man!

2012-05-09 10.27.39

2012-05-09 10.27.59

Then we have Mr. Blue Shoes. Kind of makes me want to start tap dancing and doing jazz hands or something.

2012-05-09 11.04.30

Actually I think these would more accurately qualify for a red velvet “smoking jacket” ala Hugh Hefner. Even though they kind of look like fancy-shmancy Tods driving mocassins with all those lil’ cleats on the bottom. Posh.

Hey–tangent–do you know the real meaning of posh? I do. One of my British supervisors at an English-language school taught me. It means, supposedly:

‘Posh’ derives from the ‘port out, starboard home’ legend supposedly printed on tickets of passengers on P&O (Peninsula and Orient) passenger vessels that travelled between UK and India in the days of the Raj. Another version has it that PO and SH were scrawled on the steamer trunks used on the voyages, by seamen when allocating cabins. Britain and India are both in the northern hemisphere so the port (left-hand side) berths were mostly in the shade when travelling out (easterly) and the starboard ones when coming back. So the best and most expensive berths were POSH, hence the term.

But then this site goes on to say how that’s not true. So, whatever. Just another useless piece of trivia for you. Yeah, don’t mention it. I’m good for tons of crap like that. We writers are full of useless, trivial information, aren’t we?

But back to our pretty rainbow. Let’s round it out with the grand finale, the stealthily-captured red pants moment. Girl in red pants! Usually it’s men but this time we find a female specimen!

2012-05-09 13.55.46

My poor, unsuspecting victims.

Go out and work your red pants magic! ‘Tis the season!


Fluorescent Gym Shoes in Rome

24 Apr

That’s all. I’ve just been seeing them a lot lately. Highlighter-colored Nikes, et al. Case in point:

2012-04-23 11.21.53

Nice touch on the matching pink fluorescent stripes on shirt and … what are those? Spandex leggings? I feel the eighties coming back…

Not to worry, though. This trend surely won’t take the place of the beloved red pants.

Speaking of which, did you catch my “Christmas in March” tweet? Yes, folks. Here you have it, photographic evidence of unsuspecting victims:

2012-03-24 16.32.06

And I even saw a pair of purple pants yesterday.

It’s like a panthropologist’s rainbow of fruit flavors.