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Teatro Argentina and Giuseppe Albanese

28 Feb

Folks, frankly, he had me at the curly hair.

Yes, I love me some curly-haired Italian men. Always dreamed that my destiny would be to fall in love and be swept away by a charming Latin lover with said curly hair. Alas, this was not, in fact, to be. However, I still got to see Giuseppe Albanese make his Roman debut recently in one of the loveliest and oldest theaters in the city for just 10 euro. Which brings me quite close to my dream.

Albanese is touted as the “pianist with the magnetic hands.” I will not cheaply stoop to any double entendre to continue with my dream man metaphor (not even sure if magnetic hands in that metaphor would be a positive or a negative). In any case, this, in piano-people-speak, means he knows what he’s doing when his hands meet up with the piano keys.

He was brilliant, and this concert was something I treated myself to. I opened the door to my little balcony booth. Good thing they had this warning or I might have been tempted …

2012-02-16 21.12.03

Living on the edge, so to speak. Oh! Stop me already!

Look how pretty the wooden painted ceiling is with its super fancy chandelier:

2012-02-16 21.11.44

2012-02-16 21.12.15

If you’re an art snob who’s offended by the fact that I referred to this work of art as a wooden painted ceiling and super fancy chandelier, my first question to you is: what the hell are you doing reading my blog? You’re right. And then I would give you this link as a peace offering. (Wait…what?! Seriously? This theater was inaugurated in 1732? Holy crap, right?)

More super fanciness: (Fancyness?)

2012-02-16 21.12.28

2012-02-16 21.11.52

In the words of Julia Roberts, it was so good I almost peed my pants! (Shelley means she she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.)

And, Giuseppe? Oh ye of the magnetic hands? Please come back to Rome soon. I have fallen madly in love with you and your curly hair.