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Pizzeria Florida

30 Mar

2012-03-22 12.39.36

Now, if you’ve only just recently joined us here, don’t go and get me confused with a “foodie blogger” or whatever that whole subsector of bloggers is called. That world is far out of my league.

No, folks, I just humbly eat food like a normal person and tell you if I like it or not. I have no qualifications for doing so other than tastebuds and the ability to blog.

My current vote for favorite “scissor pizza” in Rome is Pizzeria Florida at Largo Argentina, right across from the depot for streetcar #8, unfortunately not named desire.

Pizzeria Florida excels for many reasons:

1) It’s cheap. I like the pizza below with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, but since I’m frequently poor-ish, I have to avoid it because it’s heavy. You do know that pizza al taglio (as Jessica lovingly refers to it way back in 2006: “scissor pizza”) is sold by weight, do you not? Therefore it’s a crime how much a pizza this loaded down with mozzarella can generally cost for just a slice or two. Not so at Pizzeria Florida. I think it goes for €1,30 for 100 grams. You can get a good helping for just a few €.

2012-03-22 12.39.31

2) It’s freaking delicious. How do they get their crust to be so incredibly flavorful, crispy and soft at the same time without being super greasy? I don’t know but it is heaven. The ingredients are fresh too.

3) It’s always crowded, thus testifying to its excellence.

4) It employs a number system. God bless them, every one.

2012-03-22 12.39.39

As you know, Romans do not know how to properly line up, so elbowing and sometimes shouting becomes a necessity. The first time I entered Pizzeria Florida I knew it would be a challenge. However, when the servers starting shouting out numbers like they do at the hospital when you’re waiting to deliver your pee cup (sorry for the yucky association when discussing food, but it is so), I knew I had found a true winner.

No arguments, just civility: I was here first, you weren’t, therefore, it’s my turn and not yours.

They are super friendly here too and there’s a ton of regulars.

In short, I love them, and therefore, so should you.


Pizzeria Florida
Via Florida 25 (Largo Argentina)