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Best Business Names, Vol. 3

27 Feb

Ok, for the life of me I CANNOT find my old posts about my two favorite business names here in Italy. So I have to tell you again before I introduce the “new entry.”

Here’s all-time favorite candidate, my favorite electronic gate company. If you don’t watch it you might not get the funny.

Oh, I know, I’m sooo easily amused. It’s totally true though, I am.

And then number 2 which was printed on a package of toilet paper as the mother company that produces the toilet paper, which never ceases to amuse me:


Oh isn’t it just so fun?

Ok, so here’s number 3. My kids have a birthday in February. (Yes that grammatical construction is possible because they are twins. Think you’re sooo smart, dontcha?)

So we go and buy cupcake liners, right? And I’ll be damned if I don’t turn them over and read this on the bottom:


Wow, who in God’s name was the marketing genius that green-lighted that one? I mean, in what context in what language in what parallel universe does the name SWOLLEN BALL somehow convey anything other than hilarity? I mean folks believe me, I’ve tried to give the benefit of the doubt here. Thought in Italian, ok, “Palla Gonfia” maybe that means something fun and festive. I don’t know. I just can’t seem to get around it.

That’s all. Just occupying what very little free time I have to share this uselessness with you all. My daughter is happy now that I’ve finished my “cupcake” post. More soon, my friends.

Any of y’all have a great brand name story for me?

P.S. Thank GOD they copyrighted the name SWOLLEN BALLĀ® because that is the exact name I wanted for MY non-existent but future company. Oh M.P. Creations, you’ve foiled me again!