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Girlfriend in a Coma

28 Feb

This documentary is going viral so I thought I might as well get on the bandwagon and tell you, dear readers, about it.

It’s no secret that The Economist has been ripping Berlusca a new one for a really long time.

So Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist, teamed up with director Annalisa Piras to create this documentary, whose mission as stated (on their website) is:

to build awareness in Italy and around the world of the true nature and severity of the decline of this once-great western democracy, to warn other countries that a similar destiny could await them, and to serve as a call to action, at all levels of society.

The only way to see it as far as I know right now, if you’re outside of Italy, is in a theatre screening, and the list of those screenings can be found here.

In Italy, for the next two weeks (up til March 13), you can purchase a download for 3,90 EUR in a special promotion by L’Espresso magazine.

The documentary includes interviews by many big names in Italian finance, politics, business, and culture. You can read an article by CNBC about the documentary here.

Here’s a clip I found on YouTube of Emmott somehow cornering Berlusca. Watch in awe as Silvy generously offers to give his take on the situation. God bless the man!

If you watch the full documentary, let me know what you think in the comments.