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Romans on Staycation

7 Jul

You heard me right, folks. Coming to you straight from the land of the never-ending vacation, even the Romans are re-thinking their vacation strategies.

If you love Romans and Roman dialect as much as I do, then here is the video for your summer. Thanks to Carlo Verdone, our generation’s Alberto Sordi, I give you “Resto a Roma” — “I’m Staying in Rome.” So many fun take away quotes from this video/song. Best part though is the mutating billboard that changes from Ibiza (sexy) to Ostia (sad).

Sigh, even in the midst of the “crisi” we can still laugh. I for one am going to Sardegna but on a budget. Going to see the kiddos and their dad but taking Ryanair which cost me like €60 round-trip and where I can bring a carry-on the size equivalent of which can hold all of one bikini and a toothbrush.