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1. Italianate
Oh, we expats love collecting and comparing our stories of these Italian “old wives tales” that most every Italian will assure you is the God-awful truth. Seriously. We collect them and trade them like baseball cards.

2. Italian Lessons I Learned After Moving Here
For all of you baffled language learners out there, here’s what I learned on the street. And I promise, it’s not *all* vulgar.

3. Un-American Graffiti
When someone from the States says to you, in a hushed tone: “Would you just look at all that graffiti in Europe! There must be a lot of bad neighborhoods over there!” you can direct them here.

4. Poste Italiane Ti Odio Con Tutto Il Cuore
Otherwise known as “Why I Hate the Italian Postal Service With All My Heart” and judging by the comments, I’m not the only one!

5. This entire category: Ask Yourself Why
My favorite part of this blog is when I find tantalizing ridiculousness and I get to be all sarcastic and wise-cracking about things that, quite possibly, only I find funny.

6. What Italians Have Taught Me About Pasta
Apparently I’m not the only one who thought they really did throw that stuff on the wall to check if it would stick.

7. Useful Words When in Rome
I learned these over time, but I figure a tourist could pick them up and get some good use out of them even on a short trip in the city. And no, they’re not *all* vulgar. Stop asking me that!

8. The whole gelato category
Because you know that’s why everyone really comes to Italy. After the whole “I’mgonnameettheloveofmylife” thing.

9. World Nutella Day
Just to prove that I was there when it all started!

10. How to Make Limoncello
Just because you’ll need a drink to get through all this reading, won’t you?

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6. Five Italian Singers/Musicians Worth a Listen

7. Coffee Slushies at Tazza d’Oro

8. What Italians Have Taught Me About Pasta

9. The entire category: Do As the Romans Do

10. Frullati Pascucci: Smoothies, Italian-style